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Analysis on Development Strategy of Mining Machinery


1. Promote technological innovation of mining machinery

China’s demand for coal continues to grow. In order to meet the actual demand for coal mining, mining machinery and equipment have been researched and manufactured on a large scale. In the development of mining machinery and equipment production and manufacturing industry, advanced productivity is the foundation to ensure the long-term vitality of enterprises. Mining machinery manufacturing technology is the lifeblood of enterprise development. Mining machinery manufacturing enterprises should proceed from reality, increase technical input, and eliminate backward ones in time. Equipment and machinery, innovate manufacturing technology, improve traditional production and manufacturing processes, use computer technology to realize large-scale production of mining machinery, realize scientific design of various parts, and conduct real-time monitoring of enterprise production links.

2. Build a scientific management system for mining machinery enterprises

At present, the safety of coal mining has always been a hot issue of social concern. It is very necessary to carry out scientific management in the mining process, which should also penetrate into the mining machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. Mining machinery enterprises must establish a scientific management system, attach importance to the assessment of machinery designers, strengthen the rational design of machinery, and ensure that design loopholes are reduced. Secondly, to strengthen the sense of responsibility and safety of the employees in the production line of machinery manufacturing enterprises, and to ensure the quality of mining machinery manufacturing, is a prerequisite for effective assurance of the mining process.

3. Attach importance to the training of technical talents

The mining machinery industry must pay attention to the training of technical personnel, which is the key to ensuring the good operation of mining machinery. Education and training are provided to technical personnel to make them proficient in equipment operation skills and cultivate a group of maintenance personnel with professional skills. Strengthen the daily maintenance of equipment to avoid potential safety hazards in the mining process. Enterprises should pay attention to the cultivation of the quality of their employees and build a team of high-quality talents.

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