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Designed Capacity Accomplishment

The designed capacity acccomplishment of Rhyther EPC service include: reach expected recovery rate, guarantees designed prodution capacity, guarantee required quality, the consumption indicators meet the requirements, the production cost be controlled effectively, process equipment can stable operation.

Rhyther EPC has definitely guarantee for recovery rate reach the expected, any of these problems affect recovery reach expected, shall be the responsibility of the rhyther, Can make the customer dressing plant quickly put into operation, reach designed capacity.

After completing all the keyturn project, Rhyther will conduct regular review, provide after-sales technical support to customers, guarantee questions of dressing plant can be solved rapidly, avoid long time production stop. For the dressing plant equipments, Rhyther will supply one year quality guarantee, any matters of the equipment will be solved by Rhyther.

Designed Capacity Accomplishment Designed Capacity Accomplishment

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