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Gold CIL plant in Sudan 500tons

Yantai Rhyther offers gold ore mineral processing EPC services for Sudan Company. The mine’s daily processing capacity of ore is 500 tons, by the Rhyther laboratory for the determination of ore properties, mineral processing experiments, get the following conclusions: the ore is gravity tailings, metal minerals accounted for 3% of crude ore, non-metallic minerals accounted for 97%, recyclable metal for gold and a small amount of silver, gold in the gangue minerals in fine particles and ultrafine particles, gold grade 7.22g / t, silver grade 4.58g / t, leaching rate of 93.12% by the cyanide leaching.

The main configuration of the plant includes:

Gravity separation tailings by the forklift into the ore warehouse, transported by a belt conveyor to a round vibrating screen, in addition to impurities. And then transported by the belt conveyor to the powder ore storage.

Grinding grading process: the use of two-stage closed-circuit grinding process, the ore grain size reached -200 mesh accounted for 90.0%, and then cyanide leaching. Qualified grain size before the debris and then into the concentrator for concentration.

Cyanide leaching gold extraction process: cyanide leaching carbon adsorption process, designed 7 leaching adsorption, the entire consumption of low doses, access to higher leaching rate. Activated charcoal from the last slot to join, and gradually move forward a slot to get a certain grade of gold charcoal, the charcoal will be added.

Desorption and electrowinning system: adopt high temperature high pressure desorption electrowinning without cyanide technology, with high desorption rate. Send the full load gold-loaded carbon to the circle, first to the desorption column , the pregnant liquid sent to the electrowinning cell, to get gold mud, the desorption liquid will be recycle use.

Smelting process: The use of wet smelting process, in conjunction with the fire process, the electrolysis after the gold mud into the smelting workshop, will get 99.9% gold.

Tailings discharged directly: After tailings sedimentation experiments, sedimentation effect is ideal, the ore tailings discharge processing;The tailings water direct return system, no wastewater effluent, achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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