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Gold ore beneficiation equipment—the process of zinc powder replacement method

The zinc powder replacement method is developed on the basis of the zinc wire replacement method and is currently the main method for extracting gold from the cyanide gold-containing precious liquid.

The zinc powder replacement process is composed of three operations: precious liquid purification, deoxidation and zinc powder replacement.

Purification operation: The purpose of this operation is to remove the suspended solids in the precious liquid and avoid it from entering the replacement operation, which will affect the replacement effect and the quality of the gold mud. Therefore, the lower the suspended matter content in the precious liquid after purification is required in the production, the better.

The equipment used for purification can be divided into two types: one is vacuum suction filter type, such as plate and frame vacuum filter; the other is filter press type, such as plate and frame filter press, tubular filter and star filter.

Deoxygenation operation: The dissolved oxygen in the precious liquid is harmful to the zinc deposit, so it must be removed. The equipment used for replacement is a vacuum deoxygenation tower, the vacuum degree of which is generally 680-720 mmHg, which can reduce the oxygen content in the precious liquid to less than 0.5 g/m3.

Zinc powder replacement operation: This operation consists of two parts, namely zinc powder addition and replacement part. The addition of zinc powder requires accurate addition, rapid and continuous addition, and try to avoid zinc powder oxidation and damp agglomeration. The addition of zinc powder is completed by the combination of a zinc powder feeder and a zinc powder mixer. Zinc powder is added with belt conveyor, disc feeder and various vibrating feeders. The mixer requires a liquid level control device.

When the zinc powder is added to the precious liquid, the displacement reaction starts, and the final displacement and gold mud filtration are completed by the displacement machine. Commonly used replacement machines are plate and frame filter presses, replacement filters or cloth bag replacers.

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