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Method to increase the recovery rate of copper ore dressing.


1.Improve copper ore beneficiation technology:

After continuous improvement and development, beneficiation technology has many kinds of beneficiation technology: coarse concentrate, mixed concentrate, medium ore crushing technology, etc. If the selective benefit agent is selected, the copper concentrate grade can be stabilized at more than 20%, and the copper recovery rate can also be kept at a relatively high level.

2.Pay attention to the comprehensive recovery of valuable minerals:

While extracting copper, the concentrator can also comprehensively recover the valuable components in the copper ore, such as the recovery of elements such as gold, silver, iron, sulfur, and molybdenum. On the one hand, the recovery of these valuable minerals can increase the recovery rate of copper ore, and on the other hand, it can also increase the economic benefits of the concentrator.

3.Choosing flotation machine:

As the main beneficiation equipment of copper concentrator, choosing a high-efficiency  flotation machine can improve the grade and recovery rate of concentrate.

4.Large-scale beneficiation equipment to improve the automation level of beneficiation:

it can improve the technical and economic indicators of the copper beneficiation plant, which is conducive to the realization of automatic control of production, improves the recovery rate of copper ore, reduces energy consumption and costs, and improves the economic benefits of the beneficiation plant.

Keywords:Copper ore beneficiation, valuable mineral recovery, flotation machine equipment, production automation

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