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New technology of red iron ore beneficiation 2


1.The stage grinding and selection process is adopted

Because the technological process adopts the stage grinding and stage separation technological process, the technological process has a relatively economical beneficiation cost. After the first stage of grinding, classification is achieved under a coarser particle size. Under normal circumstances, about 60% of the coarse-grained concentrate and tailings can be extracted, which greatly reduces the amount of ore entering the second stage of grinding and is beneficial to reduce the concentration of ore. cost. At the same time, coarse-grained iron ore concentrate is conducive to filtration.

2.The selection is highly targeted

The dissociation of minerals in the grinding process is random. This process makes the mineral particles of different grinding sizes have dissociation conditions, which is one of the important foundations for the strong vitality of the coarse and fine selection process. Stage grinding, coarse subdivision, gravity separation → magnetic separation → anion reverse flotation process. The coarse grain grade after one stage classification is relatively good. A simple gravity separation process is adopted to select qualified coarse grain concentrates in time and discard the coarse grains. Grain tailings: The fine-grained grades after classification are relatively difficult to select, and the fine-grained tails are finely thrown by adopting the high-efficiency and relatively complicated strong magnetic → anion reverse flotation process. The effective combination of coarse-grained beneficiation methods and fine-grained beneficiation methods makes the process have the dual characteristics of economically reasonable and technologically advanced. At the same time, the gravity separation process to obtain a concentrate with a larger content and a coarser particle size is conducive to concentrate filtration.

3.Achieved narrow-level selection

In the process of mineral separation, the degree of choice of minerals is not only related to the characteristics of the mineral itself, but also to the specific surface area of the mineral particles. This effect is more prominent in the flotation process. Because in the flotation process, the flotation is related to the minimum value of the force between the beneficiation reagent and the mineral and the reagent and the bubble, the specific surface area of the mineral, and the ratio of the reagent to the mineral action area. This makes the factors affecting the floatability of minerals twofold. It is easy to cause minerals with a large specific surface area but relatively difficult to float and minerals with a small specific surface area but relatively easy to float to have relatively consistent floatability. Sometimes the former has even better floatability. Buoyancy. Realizing the beneficiation process of narrow grade selection can prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned chaotic phenomenon that easily leads to the flotation process to a greater extent, and improve the beneficiation efficiency.

4.The efficiency of fine-grained sorting has been unprecedentedly improved

Stage grinding, coarse subdivision separation, gravity separation → magnetic separation → anion reverse flotation process, before the application of red iron ore beneficiation, the stage grinding process used for fine particle level is magnetic separation → acid positive flotation process, and the efficiency of ore dressing.It is very low, which affects the improvement of the technical indicators of the stage grinding and selection process. The fine particle separation process is changed from magnetic separation → acidic positive flotation to magnetic separation → anion reverse flotation process to form the current stage of grinding, coarse subdivision, gravity separation → magnetic separation → anion reverse flotation process. The selection index of the fine-grained grade has been unprecedentedly improved.

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