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Magnetite beneficiation process

Magnetic separation is in a dominant position in the separation of iron ore. Gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, roasting and magnetic separation, and combined processes are used for weakly magnetic poor iron ore; magnetic separation is directly used for strong magnetic iron ore.

Application field

The magnetite magnetic separation production line is suitable for single magnetite ore with simple ore properties.

Process introduction

Separation process of strong magnetic iron ore

It is mainly used to select low-grade magnetite. Because the ore has strong magnetic properties and is easy to grind, the current stage grinding is often used for coarse-grained magnetite, while the multi-stage grinding process is used on the contrary. Grinding technology can increase the concentrate grade from 61% to about 67%;

Separation process of weak magnetic iron ore

Weak magnetic minerals can be sorted by the method of beneficiation of strong magnetic minerals after magnetic roasting.

Fine grinding

In the two-end grinding, stage separation, and single weak magnetic separation process, the re-grinding and re-selection process on the fine sieve is added, which can separate the fine-grained minerals that have reached the monomer dissociation in time and reduce the occurrence of over-grinding. , Improve the processing capacity, and at the same time increase the concentrate grade by about 2%.

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