Flocculant Automatic Dosing Machine

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Flocculant Automatic Dosing Machine

Rhyther’s new flocculants automatic dosing machine is highly automated, easily to operate and measurement is accurate, which is developed on the basis of same types of products.

The flocculants automatic dosing machine is used in automatic continuous preparation and dosing system of powdery materials, from powder to prepared solution, the whole process is fully automatic, safe and continuous.

Dry powder enters mixer from the funnel and is diluted by spiral premixer in mixing tank to get solution with required concentration.

The solution flows into maturation tank and then goes into storage tank. When the solution is at low liquid level, level sensor triggers level switch signal, starting device to opearte solution preparation process again. Dosing machine calculates and adjusts reagent dosage based on the required solution concentration by controller. When the solution is at high liquid level, process autostops.In this way, the system can run continuously and the mixer continuously stirs the dry powder.


(1). Automatic & easy operation, saving labour;

(2). Reagent dosage can be adjusted precisely to ensure treatment effect and avoid waste;

(3). Continuous production can ensure maturation time and configuration concentration is 0.05%-0.3%. Reagent dissolving effect is 100%;

(4). All stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion & beautiful appearance;

(5). Equipped with imported membrane dosing pump. Modular supply and easy to install;

(6). Rhyther has a professional & reliable team with our customers.

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