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Flocculant Automatic Dosing Machine |

We flocculant adding system is the automatic mechanical equipment that can make up polymer solution from PAM powder. By batch throwing the powder, the polymer can reach full mature and achieve its effect. Rhyther Mining series dosing system can carry out a remote control. Therefore, it is safe, convenient, reliable and applicable for various purposes. The design of this dosing system can also be altered to fit for the requirement. This makes it able to fit for special needs from customers.

Flocculant automatic dosing machine for automatic continuous preparation and dosing system of powdery materials, from powder to prepared solution, the whole process is a fully automatic, safe and continuous operation. The dry powder enters the mixer from the funnel and is diluted by the swirl premixer into the mixing tank to reach the required concentration of the solution.

The diluted solution flows through the ageing tank and then into the storage tank. When the solution in the storage tank is at a low level, the level sensor will trigger the level switch signal, start the device to perform the solution preparation process again, and calculate the dosage based on the required solution concentration through the controller, thereby adjusting the dosage; When the solution in the storage tank is at a high level, the cycle process stops; if the storage tank level reaches the bottom limit, the cycle will start again. In this way, the system can run continuously and the mixer continuously stirs the dry powder.

(1) Automatic control box

(2) Three-slot combined stainless steel box;

(3) Dry powder dosing machine (including premixer, moisture-proof heater, anti-cavity hopper oscillator)

(4) Water inlet control section (including pressure reducing valve, globe valve, solenoid valve, flow meter, etc.)

(5) Additives (chemical pumps, electromagnetic flowmeters, etc.)

(1). Fully automatic operation, saving labour;

(2). The dosage of a medicament can be adjusted precisely to ensure the treatment effect and avoid waste;

(3). All stainless steel shell, all imported accessories, reliable quality;

(4). The liquid medicine mixer is made of stainless steel as a whole; the medicine dissolving effect is 100%;

(5).Continuous production to ensure maturation time, the configuration concentration is 0.05%-0.3%;

(6). CNC welding equipment to ensure accurate sealing of the tank body;

(7). easy maintenance, beautiful appearance;

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