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Silver ore beneficiation process


[Process introduction]: In order to improve the recovery rate of independent silver ore flotation, the silver ore beneficiation process has been improved in three ways: One is to focus on the coarse and fine characteristics of the silver mineral intercalation particle size, and make the silver mineral as fully dissociated as possible.Improve the recovery rate of silver; second, choose neutral or weakly alkaline flotation slurry alkalinity and use sodium carbonate as the regulator of flotation slurry to improve the floatability of silver; third, use xanthate and black medicine in combination, Enhance the ability to collect silver.

[Applications]: The silver ore beneficiation process is mainly used to recover silver and associated metal minerals. Silver-bearing ores are mainly divided into silver-gold ores and lead-zinc-copper associated ores.

Process introduction

Silver ore flotation production line is mainly composed of flotation machine, leaching stirring tank, zinc powder replacement device, two-layer (three-layer) washing and thickening machine, etc. The production line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy, high processing capacity, and reasonable economy. Stage grinding, improve the concentrate index, carry out mixing and roughing under the condition of rough grinding, and then further select the obtained rough concentrate after regrinding. The amount of regrinding coarse concentrate is small, and the monomer dissociation of minerals can be realized, so that high-grade and high-recovery concentrates can be obtained, and energy consumption can be saved at the same time. Strengthen the flotation process and improve the grade of silver concentrate. Strictly implement the reagent system in the rough selection section, control the amount of reagents, and achieve “early harvest as soon as possible”, reducing multiple cycles and inaction losses; making full use of the secondary enrichment of foam By properly adding no water, washing the concentrate foam can reduce the impurities in the foam and achieve the purpose of strengthening flotation. In stage flotation, multiple recovery adopts stage separation method to recover useful minerals of different particle sizes as much as possible to improve the concentrate index.

Process equipment

JJF type mechanical stirring flotation machine, zinc powder replacement device, leaching stirring tank, wet energy-saving grid type ball mill, XCF type aeration stirring type flotation machine.

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